Your Medicine Cabinet Can Be a Drug Dealer

Finding a drug dealer to supply a habit may be as simple as opening your medicine cabinet. Not all addictions come from the drugs that are bought on the street. The medicines that are in your own bathroom can be gateway drugs that draw you into a deeper addiction.

There are steps you can take to avoid letting the medicines in your cabinet get control of your life. Start with listening and talking with your doctor and follow through with cleaning out your medicine cabinet on a regular basis.

Steps to Avoid Issues with the Medicine Cabinet

  1. Read the instructions on each prescription that you receive. Just because you have taken the same medicine for the last several years does not mean this bottle will be the same. Sometimes the doctor may chance the dose of the prescription or even the strength. Following the details of your prescriptions will keep your medicine cabinet from becoming a drug dealer.
  2. Talk with your doctor about all of the things that you take and do that affect your body, mind and health. Discuss all of the medications that you may take – prescription and over the counter. You never know how one medication may affect the next, and your doctor needs to be aware of all factors that come into play. You should also share any natural supplements you may be taking as well.
  3. Review your medicines. Keep a list of needed medicines on the door of your cabinet (along with dosage amounts and strengths). You may want to include potential side effects or other concerns that the medicines may cause. Having a copy of this list can be extremely beneficial when you are visiting your doctor.
  4. Get rid of medications as their need passes. There is no reason to keep a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs. You may want to wait until a community does a pill collection (to keep people from flushing medications down the toilets). No matter when you do it, you need to make sure that you remove old medications so that there is no risk of taking them incorrectly.
  5. Be honest with yourself and with the people around you. A sure sign that your medicine cabinet has become a drug dealer is when you begin trying to conceal what is in your cabinet. When you feel the need to hide what you are taking from the people closest to you then it may be time to seek help for a potential addiction to prescription drugs.

You do not have to hit the streets to discover the things that will push you into an addiction. Prescription medications are one of the top addictions in the country. They can serve as gateway drugs or be the primary cause of problems for some individuals.

Knowing how to approach medications can be the key to avoiding issues down the road.

Starting with the instructions and following up with honest conversations with your
doctor can keep your medicine cabinet from becoming a drug dealer in your life.

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