What Does It Mean To Be Strung Out?

Taking drugs can lead you to a point where you find yourself losing control. You may have wondered what does it mean to be strung out on drugs. There are several ways to answer the question.

  • Debilitated
  • Being strung out means a person is not able to function as they could when they were not under the influence of the drug or drugs. This is not just feeling the effects of a high or not feeling quite normal. It is being severely debilitated and unable to function.

  • Flop or Dope Houses
  • The term strung out has been associated with ‘flop houses’ or ‘dope houses’ where the primary purpose of being there is to do drugs. The people hanging out there are sometimes referred to as being ‘strung out’.

  • Physically worn out
  • In a state of being where you have reached your physical limitations as a result of your drug use. This could suggest your body is not functioning very well. It may suggest extreme tiredness, being unable to understand what is being said to you or being unable to communicate with others.

  • Emotionally exhausted
  • When your emotions are out of control and you are exhausted emotionally due to using drugs. You may be on the verge of tears or totally unable to deal with anything emotionally.

  • Addicted to a drug
  • Being strung out is sometimes used to refer to someone who is addicted to drugs or a specific drug. This may not be in reference to a specific event but often reflects a pattern of use.

  • Dependent on a drug
  • When a person is dependent on a drug they need the fix to maintain their sense of ‘normal’. Strung out on a drug can mean the person uses regularly and cannot function well without the drug.

Take a minute to ask yourself “what does it mean to be strung out”? Are you in a situation where you wonder if this applies to you? It is not uncommon for people who experiment on drugs to find themselves in a situation where the drug has taken them beyond where they intended to go.

If this has happened to you there is help for your situation. You do not have to keep getting strung out. There are people who can and will help.

Written by Wendell Montney

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