Warning: Don’t Make These Mistakes About Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol recovery isn’t simple and it isn’t the same for everyone. There are some special things you need to know to make sure you get help for alcohol addiction.

Here are the mistakes to avoid:

Do it all on your own

Confidence is a good thing, right? Well, in most cases it is and even in alcohol addiction recovery it’s necessary but after good judgment has been applied to the path you choose for recovery.

What needs to be avoided here is overconfidence. The kind on confidence that is rooted in denial of what alcohol addiction is really doing to your life.

You need other people particularly in the early stages of alcohol recovery. When your judgment is impaired and you may not see the choices available. Others may be able to give you clear understanding of your options.

Wait until you’ve lost nearly everything

I’ve seen this so many times. After alcohol addiction has taken your job, your family and friends or maybe even your health, it’s finally time to consider help for your drinking problem.

You don’t have to wait until everything you care about is gone. Recovery is possible at the moment you give up the notion you have to go it all alone.

Alcohol recovery can start with a visit to alcoholic’s anonymous, an appointment with a counselor or an assessment by a therapist at an alcohol treatment program.

It does require you to make a decision to do something outside of your next drink.

Indecision of Denial

Alcohol Recovery is somewhat like a leaking roof. When it rains the roof leaks and you can’t really go out there and fix it, right?

When it stops you don’t even think about doing something about the roof because it’s not leaking at the moment.

When you’re ‘in the bottle’ (intoxicated) you don’t know better you need to get help for your drinking but you really can’t find yourself deciding or at least following through with promises to take action.

When you’re sobered up you don’t think about how miserable you were so the idea of getting help is on the back burner.

You MUST make a choice if your alcohol recovery is going to happen. Alcohol addiction will only get worse if you don’t take action.

Choose the wrong alcohol addiction program

When you’ve finally decided to enter an alcohol recovery program you need to make sure you find the right place.

Alcohol addiction centers are regulated and accredited. Differences do exist based on the program treatment philosophy.

Here are a few variations of alcohol addiction treatment programs:


Alcohol Addiction treatment programs are required to treat you in the least restrictive environment available and reasonably effective for your care based on an assessment. Options are Individual Counseling, Group Counseling or an Intensive Outpatient Program.

In each of these situations you go home at night. In some states there are special places called sober living homes. As long as you attend therapy or work you can reside there.

Therapeutic community

These communities are long term care for alcohol addiction. They may extend from 90 days to over a year. They are designed to help individuals who have limited support systems and require extensive interaction with a milieu where an alcohol recovery environment becomes more the norm.


This treatment takes you out of your home situation and puts you into a controlled environment. Therapeutic interventions are used including individual, group and case management.

In alcohol recovery centers one of the primary goals is to make personal adjustments to support your recovery and to establish the beginning groundwork for a support system for your alcohol addiction recovery.

Alcohol Detox

For many people when they stop using alcohol they experience severe withdrawal symptoms. These may include shakes, elevated temperature, depressed breathing, sweats along with impaired judgment.

These symptoms can be life threatening. If you experience these you may need an alcohol detoxification program.

Medically Managed

Eventually, alcohol takes it’s toll on you. When your physical or mental health is also compromised you may need to seek treatment in a medically managed alcohol addiction program.

In these programs you have access to medical personnel who help you get your life back together including your health.

12 step program/Support Groups

While individuals have sought out a support group and found their path to recovery the vast majority use some sort of professional help.

Support groups are available in most communities. They are made up of individuals just like you who are finding their way in recovery. All you need to have is a desire to quit using alcohol and you’re welcome.

Whether you start or use these groups during other treatment, they have been found to be very effective as part of an ongoing support system for alcohol addiction recovery.

It’s never to late to make a good choice about your alcohol addiction. You need to decide what path will work for you and get on the road to recovery.

Written by Wendell Montney