Recognize an Anger Problem

Getting angry comes as natural as day and night and may never be a problem for most people. Even animals will get angry and lash out. Things happen that cause the blood to rise and the reason to slip. Anger may be natural, but it does not have to be the accepted response to a situation. Controlling anger or the way it is released can become just as natural.

Letting anger drive a situation can cause endorphins to be released into the body. This “feel good” reaction can cause an individual to choose anger in the future in order to experience that high again. It is important to learn to recognize an anger problem before it gets too hot to handle.

Recognizing Out of Control Anger

  • Do you look for reasons to get angry? A person that is seeking out situations in order to be able to get mad may have developed a dependency on the endorphins that are released from an anger explosion.
  • Are the outbursts of anger getting more often or are they intensifying in strength? Any addiction will have a period of escalation and intensity. What for the moment when anger is not longer a natural response but has become a problem (and possibly a danger) for you or the people around you.
  • Do you ever feel shame because of your actions or words brought about from an outburst? Letting the emotions run the show usually leaves you with some regrets when the dust has settled. The more issues you have with the way you behaved then the more you should consider that maybe your anger has
    become a problem.

Dealing with the Anger Issues

Out of control anger can be deadly. Getting the rage back in the bottle can be a tough journey. It starts with seeing the problem and ends with a support system that will hold you accountable for your actions.

  • Find a solid addiction program. Although many people still see anger as just a behavior, the ndorphin release can become an addition issue.
  • Gather around a support system that will encourage you in your journey. Change always comes more readily when you have a solid foundation to stand while making the differences in your life.
  • Seek a counselor that can help you understand and deal with the emotions that will bubble up inside. Anger is natural. How we deal with the anger is what keeps it from becoming a problem in life.

Anger does not have to become an issue. It is a natural response to the chaos that the world throws your way. It is important to understand that anger can rage out of control.

Learning to recognize an anger problem will help you to make choices that will help get an anger problem under control and keep emotions from exploding into a mess over your whole life.

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