Is Twitter Addiction Real? Read This… Then You Decide

Do you have signs of Twitter Addiction? There really is no such thing as twitter
addiction. If your family has lost you to the constant barrage of tweets and followers you
just cannot live without. Then you may beg to differ.

Tweeting is not quite like  where there may actually be chemical changes in the brain. There is a compulsivity and obsession for many who just cannot leave it alone.

Three Criteria to make Twitter Addiction a Reality

  • Does it take more tweets to get you satisfied?  I think for most serious twits the answer would be yes.
  • Has there been harm caused by your tweeting behavior? This could be a broken relationship, bloodshot eyes, carpel tunnel issues or even sleep deprivation.
  • Does it affect your work or academics?This type of continual behavior could do serious harm to your employment status or GPA.

Even though the above mentioned ideas suggest there are similarities consistent with an
addiction it is more likely tweeting is more of an obsessive and/or compulsive behavior. I
am not referring to the obsessive/compulsive disorder found in the Diagnostic Statistical
Manual-IV- R.

My reference here is to being focused on one thing and spending an inordinate amount of
time and energy on that single activity. We all can be subject to such obsession. It can be
a favorite food, hobby or interest. Obsessions are never a good thing in the long run.

If You Think Your Addicted to Twitter…

  • Set specific times when you will attend to your twitter activity
  • Limit your time to one hour at a time
  • When not involved in doing twitter, keep your thoughts away from twitter
  • Recognize followers may come and go, real friends last
  • Invest time in family more than you tweet

Like I said there is no such thing as a Twitter Addiction. The behaviors can be obsessive

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