Is Compulsive Gambling Causing Havoc in Your Life

The problems associated with compulsive gambling could be causing havoc in your life. The television show I was watching the other night made light of the addiction to gambling. The main character confronted the sidekick with the gambling problems.

“I am not going to gamble ever again.”
“You are not going to gamble on anything?”
“I am done. I will not be gambling on anything – every again.”
“I don’t think you will be able to quit gambling. It is your hook.”
“I can quit and never look back.”
“Want to bet?”

It was a funny joke, but the addiction to gambling can be serious business for the one struggling to recover. The issues associated with other forms of addition – relationships, finances, and even employment – often are flipped upside down by the addiction to gambling.

Ways Compulsive Gambling May be Causing Havoc

  • Finances –
  • They say that you should only gamble the money you can afford to lose. Compulsive gambling drives the addict to make the bet hoping for the next score. The fact that the House designs the rules so that the House will win does not even come into the thought process. The next big score is just one bet away. This ends up driving finances into a hole that the addicted gambler may never be able to recover from on his own.

  • Employment –
  • The addiction demands attention. For the compulsive gambler this often means choosing the tracks or the casino over the job. The job is necessary to feed the addiction but the gambling needs require more and more time. Once the gambling addiction becomes the driving force for the life then the employment will fall into jeopardy. Losing a job or becoming unemployable altogether just adds to the issues that a gambling problem causes in the lives of the one with the problem and the people around him.

  • Relationships –
  • The need to feed the addiction can drive the addict to do things that would never be considered with a mind in the right state. Compulsive gambling may be causing havoc for an addict by pushing her to steal money from the piggy banks of her children. Relationships are also harmed when the addict puts the addictive behavior before the people in his life. Trust gets lost and hurts move to the front. The more the addiction gains control the deeper the relationships will be forced into despair.

The addiction to gambling has been a punch line for more than one comedian, movie or show. People outside of the problem may not see the pain and suffering that the behavior causes. The more that is learned about gambling and other behavioral type issues then the easier it will be for outsiders to feel compassion for the struggles.

There may still be some debate among the experts about whether gambling falls under an addiction or a behavior. The one effect by the compulsion go gamble will not be concerned about the label it gets. Those struggling with the problem know that compulsive gambling ends up causing havoc in their lives.

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