Hate My Life to Change My Life

Motivation to change is the key to making your life different that it is today. I have worked with people over the last thirty years and found the transition from ‘hate my life’ to ‘change my life’ comes out of a personal realization of a NEED to change.

People do not move along in life looking to hate their life. Things happen, alcohol, drugs, abuse, and misfortune to mention a few. There is little you can do about these things as long as you stay in the emotional state of despair. There are many things you can do if you truly want things to be different.
Believe in Yourself

Discover your Strengths

Ask yourself an important question. What are the strengths you have right now? No pity party, no trying to say you have no strengths. Everyone has strengths. It may be the ability to survive incredible difficulties and go on. It may be being able to get up and go again in spite of hard times. It may simply strength of character.

Find the strengths you have and begin a plan to build on them. If you only find one strength find someone who needs a person with that strength and share it with them. Get positive feedback.
Begin to develop your strengths. I am not asking you to deny weakness but you know we all recognize weaknesses more than strengths. So putting them on the back burner is okay for now.

Change takes time and effort

Change starts in your head. You need to think and desire change. You can almost begin to recognize what change would look like if it were to happen today.

I am suggesting your desire for change needs to increase to a passion for change. I mean being willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. If it takes time, money, influence and effort… make a commitment to it. Determine to let nothing get in the way of making it happen.

Don’t Quit, Change will Happen

Resolve never to quit in the process of change. You know how the ‘hate my life’ thoughts have hung on? I am suggesting the ‘Change my life’ thoughts need to exceed them. You can on purpose spend time working toward change. This will increase your thoughts of change and lessen the thoughts of hating your life.

Hang out with people who are supportive

You will find great strength by hanging around people who are supportive of the changes you are making. Those who are down on you or do not believe in you are NOT the people you need to spend the majority of time around. This could mean you need some new friends.

There is the possibility you would benefit from the counsel of a therapist. Many of the things bring you down can be talked through. A therapist can be resourceful and will be in your corner for ‘change my life’ work. You do not need to life with the ‘hate my life’ attitude. Get committed to real change.

Written by Wendell Montney

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