3 Essential Tips to Stay Clean and Sober

I have shared the article 101 Ways to stay clean and sober. It gives many suggestions for you use in your daily efforts to remain alcohol and drug free. There are three tips I believe are essential if you want to keep clean and sober.

1. Staying clean and sober requires ACTION

It is not enough for you to wish you could keep sober. You have to become active in the
process of recovery. Simply thinking about what you need to do will not do anything to
bring success. Your commitment needs to be strong enough to get up and do what it

Whether you need to make a call to your sponsor or accountability person, getting to a
support meeting or taking the time to focus on your recovery goals you must do

You are the key to your success. If you quit DOING the things you need to do
for your recovery you will find yourself in relapse.

2. You need to want Sobriety MORE than you want to use

How do you value being sober?In your priorities where do you put it? Is it the last thing
you think about each day or is it the first thing you think about? You need to decide
where it belongs in your life. Putting it in last place will most certainly result in relapse

I would like to invite you to a 30 day challenge. Here it is. Write down on paper 5
reasons for which you want to stay sober. For the next 30 days when you get up each day
read those items over at least 3-5 times. After reading each item remind yourself this is
WHY you will stay sober today.

The reason for the exercise above is simply to put the priority into your recovery. If it is
last place it will not last long.

3. There are people who can help, you NEED them

Asking for help is not easy for many of us. It is however a very important thing to accept
in the process of recovery.

People do want to help. You NEED help from others. When you believe you can do it
alone is the precise time you are in a lot of trouble. While it is true you need to take
ACTION and prioritize recovery, you still need to know your own limitations.

Relapse always starts with thinking about using. When we are left to our own thoughts
we may lapse into old patterns of thinking and as a result be much more inclined to use.

This might not be right away but it will not likely be long. The best alternative is to
connect with someone who is in recovery who is willing to listen and support you being
clean and sober.

It is a sign of your strength to recognize when you need someone to assist you in sobriety.
When you get further into your recovery you will find opportunity to give back to
someone else just as others have given to you.

Take the time to develop a few people who you can count on when you need them. It could make the difference in you remaining clean and sober.

Written by Wendell Montney

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