101 Ways To Keep Clean And Sober

It is important to have many ways to stay sober. Here are 101 ways. The list can go on
and on so do not be surprised if you think of something not on the list. These tips will be
a good start to staying clean.

  1. Spend time visiting with a sober friend.
  2. Go to a 12 step recovery meeting.
  3. Stop the negative thinking.
  4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  6. Stop trying and start doing.
  7. Stop fighting recovery.
  8. Stop arguing with others.
  9. Stop thinking if you use it will not be so bad. Many people do not make it back into recovery from their disease.
  10. Stop counting how long you have been sober.
  11. Stop beating up on yourself for relapse thoughts.
  12. Do not hang around alcohol for socializing.
  13. Do not hang out with friends who are drinking.
  14. Begin to recommit to yourself and at least one other person your plan to stay in recovery.
  15. Check in with your higher power.
  16. Talk to your sponsor
  17. Begin writing a journal.
  18. Read past journal entries.
  19. Reach out to someone else who you are able to help.
  20. Be honest with yourself. Being true to yourself and others helps.
  21. Be flexible with your thinking. Think about sobriety from more than one point of view. What would your sponsor say?</li>
  22. Do not fall into irrational thoughts about using.
  23. Know signs of relapse and discuss where you are at with your sponsor or a sober friend.
  24. Review where you are spiritually.
  25. Make an effort to grow spiritually.
  26. Read some great literature, the Big Book, the Bible, other helpful books you may own.
  27. Spend time around sober friends.
  28. Be with people who build up your recovery.
  29. Make a list of good things in your life. Write them down until you have no more to write.
  30. Accept responsibility for where you are today.
  31. Accept responsibility for what you think.
  32. Accept responsibility for what you feel right now.
  33. Accept responsibility for what you are doing right now.</li>
  34. Be accountable to someone outside your immediate family regarding your recovery.
  35. If you are hungry, eat something.
  36. If you are angry, let it go. It is not worth losing your recovery.
  37. If you are lonely, spend time with a sober friend or go to a meeting.
  38. If you are tired, get some sleep.
  39. Get involved in helping someone else.
  40. Complete unfinished projects sober. It will take time and keep your mind busy.
  41. Pray.
  42. Meditate.
  43. Do yoga.
  44. Exercise.
  45. Focus on what you are good at and do it.
  46. Find some of your sober friends and invite them to game night.
  47. Reinvent old interests sober. Locate sober friend who enjoy the old hobby too.
  48. Share this experience with them.
  49. Seek help from your therapist or counselor.
  50. Find a new project that needs your special touch and do it sober. Be sure to complete the task. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  51. Go online and join recovery websites and read recovery articles online.
  52. Join recovery chats online.
  53. Check out recovery videos online.
  54. Learn a new language.
  55. Share your recovery successes with someone today.
  56. Take action steps toward a life goal. Such as pick up an application from a local college and fill it out. Actively plan to go back to school.</li>
  57. Put your resume together with an eye toward the job you really want.
  58. Sponsor a new person in recovery.
  59. Increase the number of meetings you attend.
  60. Spend time with family who are supportive of your recovery.
  61. Stop counting how long you have been sober.
  62. Think about a relationship you want to restore and begin working on it.
  63. Find quite time to contemplate recovery and what it is worth to you.
  64. If you are thirsty drink something non alcoholic.
  65. Believe in yourself and be true to yourself today in everything you think say and do.
  66. Do not be self confident or arrogant about your recovery. Humility is a virtue our behavior bestows upon us.
  67. Resolve anger issues quickly. Do not let yourself dwell on unfairness. Let it go before it destroys your recovery.
  68. Create a recovery plan. This is a plan for your life. What are your goals?
  69. Find a recovery coach to assist you in developing and pursuing your plan.
  70. Make a list of things you value about yourself. Put this list where you can see it and read it every day for 30 days.
  71. Select a 12 step home group.
  72. Become part of a church.
  73. Volunteer with an organization allowing you to contribute time and energy.
  74. Go have a good physical from head to toe.
  75. Seek professional help if you are depressed or other mental health concerns are present.
  76. Contribute time or attention to someone else who is struggling with sobriety.
  77. Surrender to your Higher Power.
  78. Find something that occupies your mind when you do it, learning a language, playing music, painting, crossword puzzles. These will assist in getting through tough times.
  79. Break your time into smaller bits you CAN handle. Days become Hours become
  80. Minutes become Seconds. Use what you need to stay sober.
  81. Delight in someone else having good things happen to them. This is about getting outside of you.
  82. Try another types of support group such as Celebrate Recovery.
  83. Resist the temptation to dwell in the future.
  84. Resist the temptation to dwell in the past.
  85. Stay in the moment. Focus on the here and now. It is the only place recovery really works.
  86. Spend time thinking about positive things recovering people have said to you over time. What are the most helpful to you and why?
  87. Write a breaking up letter to your addiction. Burn it as a symbol of sending it.
  88. Consider what positive behaviors you have in your life. Make a list of them. Postthem in a prominent place. Review them regularly.
  89. Volunteer at the homeless shelter.
  90. Get with your sponsor and begin work on your fourth step.
  91. Do recreational activities with a sober friend.
  92. List the five most important people and things in your life. Rank them from most important to less important (two cannot be on the same level). Then review how sobriety values them in contrast to how relapse values them.
  93. Begin 90 days 90 meetings.
  94. Recommit yourself to recovery, write it down and share it with a sober friend or sponsor.
  95. Enter a treatment program; it can make a tremendous difference in the way you think about things.
  96. Make a new sober friend today.
  97. Go for a long walk.
  98. Enjoy nature and thank your Higher Power you are sober.
  99. Be grateful even for small things in life. Tell someone your gratitude.
  100. Thank your sponsor for the help given and for being there when you need support.
  101. Give yourself credit for things you are doing to keep sober, make a list, and review it

Here are a few more suggestions. Any one of them may be just what you need to get or stay on the path to your recovery.

Written by Wendell Montney

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