101 Tips to Stay Clean and Sober

The most important thing of all is that you stay clean and sober. Here are some tips for
today and for the days ahead. Keep up the good work.

1. No one can put you down without your permission, don’t give it.
2. It is never too late to get up and do something to change your situation
3. Do not listen to people who are not looking out for your BEST interest
4. Remember to treat others like you want to be treated
5. The friendship relationship to alcohol and drugs MUST END. They are NOT your friend.
6. Tomorrow is not a promise and you cannot change yesterday, do your BEST with today.
7. It is not enough to INTEND something DO IT.
8. You need other people in your life… Clean and Sober people.
9. I’ll TRY is an excuse, DO IT is progress.
10. Do not live up to others expectations, create expectations of your own and live up to them.
11. Integrity is how you are when no one is watching.
12. Everyone needs support… Even you.
13. Humility is found when we come to realize where addiction has taken us and how
14. fortunate we are to find a way out.
15. Give up struggling with the idea of recreational use of alcohol or drugs… QUIT.
16. Your recovery is NOT dependent on what others choose to do. It depends on what YOU choose to do.
17. You may want to be ON YOUR OWN with recovery but it doesn’t work that way. It takes all of you plus others.
18. Does 12 Step work? Let me ask, do you WORK the Steps? It is the same answer to both.
19. I get tired of “My therapist said”. What do YOU say… Are you in this to stay clean
and sober?
20. You cannot keep clean and sober for other people it has to be for YOU.
21. Temptations will come (Expect it) They will be hard to resist (Don’t Be Surprised),
22. YOU CAN RESIST (YOU WIN) with the support of OTHERS.
23. There are 1000’s of excuses for using they all boil down to one Addiction. Quit
Making excuses… admit addiction.
24. Idle time is an enemy to sobriety. Make plans to have productive use of your time, work or leisure.
25. Never Quit Quitting.
26. Success is failure turned inside out.
27. Think it through
28. There is not a day where you can simply forget about your addiction, face it, accept it and overcome.
29. Accountability is a way to begin structuring your life for rebuilding trust
30. Recognizing the need for support from others is not a weakness but a strength
31. Do not be complacent in your recovery, it is precisely at that point recovery is most vulnerable
32. Take the time to really know who you are and what you need to stay clean and
33. Take care of little issues before they become big issues.
34. Do not let your sobriety be at risk to please someone
35. If you struggle with 12 Step, is it the program or your willingness to use support?
36. What effort have you put into developing people who will support your recovery?
37. When was the last time you examined who you have hurt through your
38. Have you made your best effort to make amends to them?
39. Make an effort to only promise what you can and are willing to deliver. Become a person of your word.
40. Don’t allow yourself to become real hungry, it may be difficult to sort out from urges to use.
41. Don’t allow yourself to stay angry, it is at these times you risk your recovery
42. Don’t allow yourself to be lonely, develop clean and sober friends. Spend time with them.
43. Don’t allow yourself to get overtired, it creates an opportunity for you to be more likely to make poor judgments.
44. Look for someone in your family who supports your sobriety. Talk to them for encouragement.
45. Be consistent in your behaviors over time to build trust.
46. Understand it will take time for people to recognize your commitment to recovery.
47. Some people will never support you staying clean and sober.
48. Others will not like you more than you like yourself.
49. Are you upfront with others about being clean and sober
50. Urges will pass
51. Relapse is preventable
52. Plan your recovery by knowing your relapse triggers and developing better
53. If you need a counselor or therapist get one, today.
54. People can only help you as much as you are willing to let them.
55. Shutting people out only makes things worse.
56. Changing from one drug to another drug only delays recovery
57. Prescribed medications must be taken as prescribed and under a physician’s care
58. Does your physician know you are addicted? They cannot be part of your support team if they do not know the truth.
59. Don’t try to con people who are trying to help you.
60. Truth liberates you
61. There is no miracle drug to cure addiction
62. Stinking thinking leads to drinking
63. Learn new ways to relax and let go of stress
64. If you have not had a good physical in a year get one.
65. Journaling can help you recognize what you think and feel, better out than stuffed in
66. Focus on taking each day as it comes
67. Plan for the future with steps that can be done today
68. Do not live in the past or future.
69. Learn to understand
70. Learn forgive yourself
71. Learn to like yourself
72. Learn patience with your progress, it takes time
73. Exercise helps contribute to a healthy recovery
74. Learn to avoid extremes, all or nothing, black and white thinking. Most of life is in the gray.
75. When you feel pressure to decide STOP and think. Do you NEED to decide now?
76. Learn to delay gratification; dessert really is better after the meal.
77. Compulsive behavior is dangerous to your recovery avoid them.
78. Learn to describe your emotions to better understand you
79. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lean to behavior. Get a handle on your thoughts.
80. You CAN stay quit… Talk to someone in Recovery.
81. Do not allow yourself a pity party.
82. Stop glorifying times of use in your past.
83. Lose alcohol or drug related slogans exchange them for recovery slogans
84. RESPECT of others is earned over time
85. It is great to be eager about recovery. People you have hurt will take time to convince.
86. It is never too late to start. Today is a great day to get back on track for recovery
87. Addicts do not plan to fail they fail to plan for recovery
88. Life is NOT fair, why do you keep thinking somehow it will be.
89. Everyone has losses, learning to let go is a major life skill.
90. Everyone needs to be connected to others, this is another major life skill
91. Communication is KEY to maintaining good relationships even in recovery
92. Making your recovery positive starts with your Attitudes, keep it positive.
93. Negatives are easier to remember than positives, you need to take in more positive inputs than negative inputs.
94. Read positive literature about recovery
95. Listen to videos of people making it in recovery
96. Avoid music that brings you down or glorifies using alcohol or drugs
97. You are worth the time and effort it takes to maintain recovery
98. Being clean and sober leads to a better life over time
99. Look beyond yourself when you are discouraged. Learn to trust your Higher Power… See the difference it makes
100. Help someone else who is worse off than you are today.
a. Give yourself credit for what you have done and the commitment you have to continue.
These tips are for your benefit and can make a difference as you work through them. Be encouraged.

Written by Wendell Montney

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