101 Tips for Sobriety

Keeping sobriety is not easy but these 101 tips can help along the journey.

1. Never give up on yourself
2. Recognize your need of others who are in sobriety
3. Value others who have successfully managed to keep sobriety.
4. Do something for someone else with no strings attached
5. Remember how painful it was without sobriety.
6. Share the story of your journey with someone to help them succeed
7. Do the right thing regardless of how you feel about it
8. Do not pity yourself because of your journey
9. Stop comparing yourself to others with the intent to criticize yourself or others
10. Write down 25 things you like about yourself as a reminder of who you are today
11. Recognize threats to your sobriety
12. Develop a plan of attack for each threat to your sobriety
13. Find an accountability person whom you trust
14. Set up regular times to meet with your accountability person
15. Be honest with where you are with sobriety today
16. Take this day as it comes, each challenge is an opportunity for success
17. Spend time with others who are keeping sober.
18. Find someone who has been sober for over 10-15 years (Mentor)
19. As this Mentor how they keep sober, SHUT UP and LISTEN.
20. Look into your own life and see where you can improve something today
21. Do not try to carry the load alone when people are willing to help
22. Stubbornness is not a virtue
23. Help someone who cannot help themselves
24. Be thankful you CAN help others
25. Take emotional issues and give them time, but not ALL your time
26. Do not focus on failure, look at what you can learn from it
27. Good things take time
28. Good things take effort
29. Do not stop working at something just because it is difficult
30. Know when to STOP doing something because you need the help of others
31. Admit when you are wrong
32. Accept responsibility for mistakes
33. Take time to make amends
34. Listen more than you talk
35. Find a time to be quiet
36. Think BEFORE you speak
37. Learn to meditate on something positive
38. If your day is not going well, STOP and REGROUP
39. Choose from among MANY choices, not just one or two.
40. Think choices through to the likely conclusion.
41. Doing NOTHING is a choice.
42. Do not be surprised when many things in life are boring.
43. You are not alone, others have gone through similar situations
44. Share your experiences with others lessens your pain
45. Others will not take your pain you must work it through
46. Decisions are often hard, it is HARDER to bear the consequence of not deciding
47. No one plans to fail, but FEW plan to succeed
48. Develop a plan for your success in sobriety, your goals, dreams and hopes.
49. Make sure your plan for success does not REQUIRE others to do it for you
50. If you need something to help you achieve your goal ASK someone for
51. assistance
52. If you do not know who to ask for help SEEK until you find that someone
53. If your plan is more than 6 months old, review and revise it
54. Consider making ONE change in your life today.
55. Exercise may be one of the best stress relievers for those in sobriety
56. Do not let stress rule your life
57. Take care of the little things, they matter
58. Forgive yourself
59. Forgive your enemies it liberates you from resentment
60. Obsessing about anything is trouble for sobriety
61. Never let anger go into the next day. Let is go.
62. Work to be less judgmental of yourself and others
63. Avoid wet places or places or places of drug use
64. Make time for the people who support your sobriety
65. Hang with positive people
66. Get to know sober people who you can role model
67. Consistent behavior over time builds trust
68. Keep doing positive responsible behavior until it becomes habit
69. Take time to share your story with someone who needs help
70. Give advice when asked and ask for advice when needed
71. Sobriety is earned and is not FREE
72. Develop a place where you can be mentally at peace and go there regularly
73. You are 100% responsible for your sobriety
74. Take time be improve a relationship that may have been neglected
75. Invest time into am important relationship where sobriety is strong
76. Start a journal to express emotions and thoughts
77. Review past journals to see how far you have come
78. Learn to have a positive internal dialogue with yourself
79. Stop whining
80. Get over it
81. Learn to say NO when it is not in YOUR best interest
82. Do not please others at your expense especially if sobriety is at risk
83. Eating can be done where alcohol and drugs are not served
84. Read something to support your recovery
85. Attend a support group meeting
86. Take the time to write out your story of recovery
87. Seek help if you are out of control
88. Do not avoid professional help if you are not finding the help you need
89. Plan sober activities and invite sober friends
90. Avoid negative thinking. Stop. Regroup. Start again.
91. Give yourself permission to be okay
92. Challenge your thinking that leads you away from sobriety
93. Do not be influenced by a friend who is not sober
94. No one will be more interested in your sobriety than YOU are today
95. Deal with problems so keep them from becoming a reason to use
96. Let go of regrets and start making your own future by today’s choices
97. Avoid dwelling on using or the ‘good ole days’ they can lead you to use
98. It is never too late to begin a journey into sobriety. You are not alone.
99. There are millions of people working for sobriety. Hope is found in sobriety not in using.
100. Do whatever it takes to keep sober.
101. Never give up on Sobriety!

One of the best ways to use these tips for sobriety is to think of one each day of your journey. Hold on to it. Think of what it means to you and your recovery. It can really make a difference.

Written by Wendell Montney>

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