101 Sobriety Tips

Taking the time to DO what is among these tips is what matters. Let them sink in.

Resolve to do something from this list each day

  1. Believe in you
  2. Learn to like you
  3. Stop criticizing you
  4. Learn patience regardless how long it takes
  5. Just a little is TOO MUCH
  6. Stop making excuses for using
  7. Alcohol and drugs are not your friend, break up!
  8. Restore relationships with friends who support your recovery
  9. Don’t let unfinished business stay unfinished
  10. Quit believing you have to be perfect to be in recovery, be you.
  11. Find out what YOU expect and strive to live up to it.
  12. Little things often upset a recovery: Take care of the little things.
  13. Listen more than you talk, you will learn more
  14. Learn from those who have stable recovery
  15. Surround yourself with people who understand what it takes to keep sobriety
  16. Forgive someone today. It is an act of acknowledgement of forgiveness you seek.
  17. Forgive yourself for something you have done and let it go.
  18. Learn to relax without being preoccupied with thoughts of using.
  19. Learn to choose what you think about.
  20. Emotions are up and down and rarely steady
  21. If your emotions seem out of control talk to someone. Don’t stuff them.
  22. If talking to someone doesn’t help find a counselor or therapist.
  23. Emotions are more erratic in early recovery they tend to stabilize over time
  24. Give yourself time for change to happen.
  25. Keep doing what it takes to change.
  26. Choose friends who will support sobriety.
  27. Avoid relationships with people who care more about using than you
  28. Learn relapse triggers
  29. Develop two or three alternatives for each trigger.
  30. Learn to choose what you think about
  31. Spend time developing a positive attitude about sobriety
  32. Sobriety is not found in isolation. You need people.
  33. The need for support is not weakness, but strength.
  34. Be empowered by the many choices you have instead of using
  35. People will trust you as you become more consistent in your behavior
  36. Clear you mind of the idea you can return to using
  37. Avoid compulsive behavior
  38. Do not switch your addiction to another chemical
  39. Face your fears and overcome them
  40. Learn who has your interest at heart and who does not
  41. Out of control feelings may happen, using is not the cure
  42. Boredom is dangerous to sobriety. Learn how to use quit time.
  43. Character is who you are when no one is watching
  44. Positive inputs help lead to a positive attitude
  45. When people share only negative decide not to keep taking it in.
  46. Don’t stay angry, it makes sobriety more difficult
  47. Make amends and keep making amends as needed.
  48. Quit the blame game. There is no one to blame for addiction.
  49. Take responsibility for where you are in recovery
  50. Let go of your fears replacing them with truth.
  51. Quit telling yourself things you know are not true.
  52. Honesty starts with you being honest with you.
  53. It is humbling to realize how vulnerable you are to addiction
  54. Facing issues is always better than running away from them.
  55. If you need help get it, TODAY.
  56. Acceptance of the facts of addiction frees you up to be real
  57. Serenity is part of sobriety ONLY when we quit trying to control others
  58. You are more than your circumstances
  59. Avoid labels and just be you
  60. Come to terms with your regrets and let them go
  61. Take time to focus on what is working in your recovery
  62. Take time to focus on what you need to improve for your recovery
  63. Money was spend on using, don’t avoid spending on Sobriety
  64. Today is a great day to examine your accountability.
  65. Meditation helps to bring calm amidst storms. Learn to use it.
  66. Avoid slippery places.
  67. Sobriety is like a fine antique vase of highest value, protect it
  68. Others will not value your sobriety more than you do
  69. Don’t play games with your sobriety
  70. Stay committed to sobriety regardless of what it takes.
  71. Relocation will not make sobriety any easier.
  72. Sobriety takes work
  73. The work on sobriety is continuous you cannot stop working at it
  74. The quality of your sobriety is directly related to how hard you work at it.
  75. Learn to act upon principles rather than your emotions
  76. Think your decisions through and side with sobriety
  77. Learn to be a good listener and learner.
  78. Find people who have been in recovery for several years and learn how they do it.
  79. Hang around people who have stable sobriety
  80. When you communicate with someone in recovery check your attitude at the door
  81. If you are struggling you have not given up. Resolve the struggle by committing to sobriety
  82. You are perfectly capable of maintaining sobriety
  83. Don’t know what to do? Get to a meeting.
  84. It is never too late to begin again.
  85. Recovery principles in your life make sobriety easier to maintain.
  86. Develop key individuals you can count on when your sobriety is at risk.
  87. Be tolerant of family who do not yet know whether to trust your recovery. Give them time.
  88. Relationships are important but not more important than your sobriety.
  89. Do not trade sobriety for a friendship
  90. If you have never worked the steps how do you know they don’t work?
  91. It is easy to let EGO get in the way of doing what your Sobriety needs.
  92. You are worth the time and effort it takes to stay sober
  93. Take time with big decisions especially when sobriety is at risk.
  94. It took a long time to get where you are it will take time to get out.
  95. You can do more than TRY, make a commitment to sobriety
  96. Don’t decide based on what you feel, think it through, then decide.
  97. Support is one of the most important things you can work on today.
  98. Too many thoughts running around in your head? Write them down. It helps.
  99. Be honest with yourself and others
  100. Commit each day and what you are going through to your Higher Power
  101. You are Worth Sobriety

The tips for sobriety are made available to assist you in your valiant efforts to stay in recovery. I wish you well. I know you can do it.

Written by Wendell Montney

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